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E-Mail, ca. 2011..

Nice to be your friend and glad to know you. I am from Malaysia and I have just bought the product acc. to n.tesla last week in the new age shop. After I bought it, I wear it immediately cause I want to feel the energy of it. When the fist two hour, I feel the energy around my fall head is surrounding and make me uncomfortable. It seems like dizzy. However, I keep wearing it until the next morning. After I woke up, I did not feel the dizzy anymore and I feel that my energy is so concentrate. After one week which mean until today, I can sleep well, i can focus well, it makes me feel more stable and grounded. I feel good.

I just wanna share this to you and I am glad to know tesla.

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E-Mail 27.09.2020

I have Lyme disease, which for 20 years has been causing me the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, but above all a facial neuralgia that is extremely painful in the jaw.

Often I can no longer eat or speak because the slightest movement of the mouth causes unbearable electric shocks.

The only thing that could relieve me is the purple plaque according to N.Tesla. Since then I have been talking about it to everyone who suffers from any kind of pain.

R., France

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E-mail, Sep. 28th 2019

am delighted to advise that the tracked consignment has been delivered today, and is in good condition.

I would like to say a big thank you for your excellent service, particularly in the professional way you dealt with the non-delivery issue

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2 E-mails, Oct. 29th 2016, from the Netherlands

Dear Philip,

Today I received my plate and pendant. Thank you for the carefull packaging and fast service!

Dear Philip,

I just put my finger on the large tesla plate and I got immidiate tingles from it, unless the one from (....) which is a bit slow on this. I'm looking forward to charging my crystals on this plate and I'm sure it's for good health!
Have to read the booklets though

Keep you updated if anything is wrong.

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E-mail, Feb. 18th 2016, from New Zealand

Firstly, the products have arrived in perfect condition & in record time! The information that was included was very helpful & very nicely set out. I have to share with you my experience with the flower of life plate. Immediately I held it, I saw the flower of life geometric field around my body. I could see where there was a crack in my field, caused in one of the serious car accidents I have been in. I switched into a different state of consciousness, to allow for the healing to occur easily. The crack opened up & became a ragged whole, like when the top is cut off a hard boiled egg. There was a flowing inky blackness visible within the area of my brain that was significantly damaged. The geometric force field sucked the blackness from my brain. Next my geometric field split itself in half vertically & the left side dropped away to reveal more inky blackness flowing around & surrounding my heart. This too was instantly drawn out of my body effortlessly. Rainbow light poured in & my geometric field started repairing & recreating itself at clearer & higher level than I have previously seen it. Because of the level I work at, I am very used to having awesome experiences. Two things really stood out. Firstly, it was an incredibly effortless healing. Normally IÕd need to put at least some work into it, but it was like all parts of my being synchronised with Plate made according to N.Tesla's patent & allowed the healing to occur without any resistance. Secondly, the entire process took less than four minutes! That is a super sonic speed even for me. Many blessings to you all, & be assured I will tell my friends about my exceptional experience & your wonderful service.

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B. from the UK on Aug. 13th 2015

Many thanks for your very efficient and quick delivery.
Excellent service and very professional.
Really happy with it.

Thank you

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J. from I. on June 23rd 2014

Just wanted to say you were right to advise the gold plates, I am getting powerful results A total change in energy and outside reactionn from folks, it seems to empower me in strange ways. I am a Leo so I suppose it suits me I love the Golden colour.

I cannot believe how powerful this plate is, Amazing!!

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Z. from P, Jan. 20th 2014

My surgeon G. - the proud and happy user of the Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent - was very astonished when he'd seen my burnt back side today. No, no by its beauty, but by the fact the burnt part, despite being "raw meat", uncovered and exposed to all impurities of the Universe, remained puss free. It should be badly oozing puss and other bodily liquids after 4 days of a raw treatment. Or rather non treatment. As I said, I had been carrying a plate directly on the burn. Miracle, miracle! What can you say about this one, ha?

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Z. from P, E-mail, Jan. 19th 2014

To cut the long story short, I'm telling you this:

- my mother says she feels very much the plate works

- my friend G. (doctor, surgeon) says the plate and small pendant work very much - his feet and hands are warm again

- I can't feel a thing myself. I did this famous sour wine experiment. I felt the wine standing on the plate was

SLIGHTLY less sour. Or it was only my imagination at play.


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R.C: from Oslo, Aug. 26th, 2013

In August a friend of mine gave me as a  present a purple coloured pendant made according to N.Tesla's patent.

I was studying a lot at the time and I had to spend several hours in front at the PC screen, things that have always been a little bit difficult for me: usually after 2-3 hours I felt dizzy, my eyes reddened, and the concentration level decreased.

I could spot the difference at once, just by the use of the small pendant.

The concentration level improved and I was able to spend the day in the library without getting out exhausted. It was easy to study and my eyes are ok (!) and I'm much more tranquil, the studying it's easier.

So I bought other things, to make some present too. I'm fully satisfied with this product and I'm sure I'll have them for years.


Thank you a lot.

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Agata from Dublin, July 17th, 2013

Hi Philip,

I have been using Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent for a year and a half now and I thought I would let you know about other uses I have discovered.

I work with people (including myself) on emotional healing. I use the (...) Method for releasing emotions. I have found that sitting on a credit card size Purple coloured Plate really speeds up and facilitates the process, especially when the issue is tough and the person tends to get stuck.

I have found that sitting on a plate during meditation, especially when I feel out of sorts, helps me get deeper into the meditative state.

When I want answers to some big questions or a deep insight, I place the Purple coloured Plate made according to N.Tesla's patent under my pillow and ask for a dream before I go to sleep. I often get profound symbolic dreams which help me find answers and solutions to the issues I am working on

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T. from Portugal, May 15th, 2013

I would like to thank you for your prompt service. I gave one as a gift to a friend who travels a lot, she said that on her last travels she did not get sick. I loaned mine to a friend who had not been well and had to travel to Paris, her comments were, she thinks she felt a lot calmer and more composed.

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C. from Switzerland, Jan. 25th 2013

Mr. Stul

It arrived. Its working. Thank you

best regards

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V. from The Netherlands

Thank you for your confirmation. I love the quality of your Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent. They will be worn with love.

Kind regards,

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B.B. from the US, March 23rd, 2012

Sometime around the third week of January of this year (2012) I placed one of the small, rectangular Purple coloured Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent under one of the two tomato plants I had started in my indoor aeroponic garden.  The goal was to help it along because it was not doing as well as the other plant.  I've known it was there but I more or less forgot about it.

Over the past few weeks I have noticed something slightly odd about my tomato plants.  One of them had not only larger tomatoes but more of them as well.  It was not until I was out walking this morning that I realized that the plant that is doing so well is the one with the plate under it.

You can take this information as you like.  I am going to do something similar the next time I plant and will update my results accordingly.


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Agata from Dublin, Dec. 24th, 2011

Hi Philip,

A little update on my experiences with the plates.


I often sleep with the small plate under my pillow. I used to have nightmares (hatching a transformation big time), now I have clear and more balanced dreams, quite informative as to my inner process. My dreams have become a solace and a help after a while of being a nuisance. I also sleep better and have more energy.

I hold the small plate in my hands during meditation. My mind is still too active to allow me to transcend (I do Transcendental Meditation) but it is quieter now. I see progress.

I put the small plate on my forehead during post-meditation relaxation. Often my relaxation is more profound than before and a couple of days ago I head a metaphysical experience when I asked to be revealed to me who I am. Shocking even.. :-)

I noticed that self-healing while in contact with the plate goes better when I put clear intention of what I want healed. A perfect ilustration that energy follows attention and attention follows intention. I guess the intention can be implicit, not necessarily clearly stated or even conscious. I noticed a finger of energy going from the plate on my forehead to my jaw where I have an old nest of bacteria which sometimes forms an abscess. Guess what? There is hardly any abscess since I started using the plates. I know I wanted to have this healed but actually didn't expressly ask for it while working with the plate.


What I have a very clear intention of though is to have my chakras well balanced and activated so that I can shine outwards and go on with my mission. I think emotional/spiritual health is more important to me than the physical one (nonetheless very important, too). A friend got me a set of big discs for chakra work and, following your guidance, I started working with the yellow one (clipped it to clothes so that it was placed around my upper belly area).

At first it was hard to wear it, I felt pain in my belly and solar plexus and I definitely had a strong detox reaction. I even got an outburst of Epstein-Barr virus (haven't had one for ages) which lasted as long as it took me to release some emotional baggage. And then what? Epstein-Barr disappeared!

Also, while working with the yellow disc I noticed that my emotional/ spiritual process accelerated exponentially - both my ability to deal with stuff, my inner power, my psychic sensitivity and my ability to fish out from the environment any help/messages that might be of help. I finally had courage to start reading a book which is spot-on what I need, no spare blah blah, one pure wisdom exactly for my needs. And in that book I read that the blockage in Manipura is closely related to the blockage in Swadisthana, in fact blockage in Swadisthana manifests as imbalance in functions related with Manipura. I realised that I had shifted a lot with the yellow disc (more peace of mind, tolerance and love for people and most importantly, more self-confidence and empowerment; during a work do I have even spent a long while talking to the owner of the corporation where I work about my promotion!) so I decided to give the orange one a go.

As it could be expected, the detox started immediately and is quite horrible - I am sick and still going through and facing my worst monsters. But I feel I am releasing stuff and progressing.

I find the discs amazing! I am very optimistic and hopeful, I think they will help me bring about great transformation in my life. It's even quite scary but on the other hand I notice more perseverance, peace of mind, patience, power and much better copying ability. I feel stronger and much better able to face the challenge of self-transformation.

Discs are great also because, being small enough, the amount of energy downloaded by them is bearable for the body and mind and can be worn continuously whereas even the small plate I find better for a short healing intervention. At least for the moment, because I imagine that with time my body will be able to take on a stronger energetic input. And then I'll become some semi-goddess or something! ;-)

I wanted to thank you for distributing the plates, Philip, you are doing a great service to humanity, especially in these uncertain times when it is important to be able to rely on oneself for healing and keeping in good health without having to pay every time you need to cure something. Using the plates has also a spiritual dimension for me: I am learning that a. life energy is omnipresent and generously abundant for everyone b. that I can harness it and create with it. It is a massive thing! The plates are helping me to be a co-creator on all levels.

I hope you have wonderful Christmas, Philip.

With genuine gratitude,


I perceive the water charged with the big Purple coloured Plates as "electric" - it's almost electrically fizzy.


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Agata. from Dublin. on Dec. 6th and 7th, 2011

Hi Philip,

Got the plates today, thank you, that was quick indeed :-)

Of course, I started experimenting straight away - I wore the small plate on my solar plexus and than sat on it.

I'm not as tired as usual - but my mind is not racing either, I am calm, hurrah!
3 people independently told me I looked well.
I was cold as hell in the office but the plate works as an electric blanket - I stopped being cold!

I let it to a colleague in the office FOR A WHILE and had to go to expressly to CLAIM IT BACK - he didn't want to give it back to me... (I think I might have earned a referral commission from you ;-)))

And it's only the first day... :-)

Now I'm going to the gym!



Today's Report: Got classically over energised (euphoric, slight headache, accelerated) and had to remove the small Purple coloured Plate from my back pocket when I started feeling like from a Red Bull ad. But it's good, good to have the full scale of experience.

Good to hear about the possible use of the plates to change beliefs and inorganic matter (like money). I thought the energy must work on more than living organisms' field, after all the whole manifested universe is made of the same free energy split into + and -....

The plates seem to be extremely useful, which is great, but what it even greater is the fun of experimenting! Hilarious!

All the best and thanks


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F.S. from Italy, on Sep.15th

I have tested the plate with the water, and i have see that the taste was more smooth!!! GREAT!!!

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XX from the UK on October 21, 2011

Dear Mr Stul,
Thank you kindly for your email and the attached.
I will be in touch as soon as package arrives next week.
Once again, it has been a pleasure working with you.

My very best,

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I.K. fom UK on September 4, 2011

Hello Philip,

 Just little feedback .
I have been using your chakra discs for a few months .
Results are pretty good . I can feel effect after few minutes .
There is distinctive buzzing . My meditation has been enhanced .
My dream recall has been greatly enhanced . Bizarrely I started remembering thingslong buried and forgotten . Feels like powerful emotional , spiritual cleansing .

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U.S. on April 27, 2011, via Facebook

Just want to share the benefit of sitting on a small Plate made according to N.Tesla's patent on a long haul flight to the US. I just relaxed and went to sleep and no pain or stiffness in the back at all. Had a little difficulty trying to explain why I was carrying a purple aluminum plate through security though LOL.


B.M. from C. on March 24. 2011

Hi Philip, sorry to take so long to get back to you.

We received your Purple coloured Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent extremely quickly… thank you. We believe that ….'s knee has been healed, least wise he has had no pain for almost 3 weeks now :-). When he was walking he had it in a cargo pocket all the time and was pleasantly surprised that even when he first started the pain was minimized by the end of the day as opposed to the reverse being true before your Purple coloured Plates.

The Purple coloured Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent did not help with disc damage in the lumbar area of my spine but they do help with carpal tunnel like pain in the wrists -- did the surgeries, did not help, made it worse -- the wrist pain continues to decrease :-) .

Have a great weekend :-)

With gratitude and love

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C.F. from A. on Dec. 21st + 22nd

Hi Phil

I have just purchased the amulets made according to N.Tesla's patent. I was wondering if it is ok to wear them all at the same time. I have strung them on to a piece of ribbon and put them in my bra. Is this safe? OK?

Hi Phil

Thank you for your prompt reply.

I have worn them for 2 days now altogether and all day and have felt really relaxed as well as energized. I took them off when I went to sleep and kept them on my bedside table and had a really good sleep (after a very long time!)

The reason I wear all of them is because I feel that I need to improve in all the areas that they help.

Thank you once again


P.C. from S. on Oct. 13, 2010

Dear Philip,

Thanks so much for this; I cannot give these away fast enough - my boys x 3 all have them, my wife and now our friends. Everyone is reporting positive effects.

Hope this finds you vibrant:-D

Best regards, Chris


S.U. from IE on May 20, 2010

Dear Philip

I just wanted to let you know that my second order has arrived here in Ireland.

Thank you so much.

I am finding the plates quite remarkable, had heard about them but never experienced them before.

As I make flower essences I am familiar with feeling energies, these are so gentle yet powerfully able to re-align and harmonise every atom and molecule with what I would call it’s ‘wholeness blueprint’.

When the first order arrived, I had a pain in my back and immediately sat on the small plate for a few minutes (to try it out), allowing its energy to flow through me, then there was no pain; and better than that no memory of the pain either.

I also put the big Plate made according to N.Tesla's patent into the bath for several minutes before getting in and the water felt soft and fresh like having bathed in a stream, very energising, also for the water.

So thanks’ again, I shall continue my experiments

with kind regards

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L.P. from GB on May 11, 2010

Hi. What a brilliant service. I only ordered my small amulet Saturday lunchtime and it was delivered all the way from Basle by Monday morning!

I have used one before. I bought it about 20 years ago and I had forgotten how powerful they are. After a couple of hours wearing it yesterday I got a pounding headache which cleared once I took it off. I wore it to bed last night and again I had to remove it as my mind went into overdrive. I had to move it across the room to get some sleep!! I guess I have to build up my tolerance levels again? What are the benefits you may ask? I find that my energy levels increase as does my creativity. Also any minor aches and pains just vanish. Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent are marvellous - you just need to work them into your life slowly. (Even now after an hour of wearing I need to remove it again).

"It's just a metal disc the scoffers say" - far from it. Try it out yourself and be amazed at the changes it can make to your life.


E.B. from GB on May 8, 2010

Well Hello There Philip!!!

 As I woke this morning and went to check if any post has arrived I have found to my Great Delight a package of the Magnificent Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent on my outside hallway floor. I can safely say that you have truly made my day with your quick response & a super dooper quick delivery! Well done. Is it the tachyons themselves that make it travel so fast??  I have had some time throughout the day to try them out & within half an hour or so I felt energized  & revived. I put the other Plate under my 'not so fresh anymore..' Aloe Vera plant pot and I can positively say that it appears much greener and somehow healthier looking.

 Anyway I shall experiment a lot more in days to come & I can't wait to do so! For now I would just like to say a Huge 'Thank You' for my fiance & I, you are doing a brilliant thing,keep going!

Kindest Regards


B.Y. from SE on March 4, 2009

Thanks a lot Philip for excellent handling my order of Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent and the spiral, as well as super fast delivery. (got it on 27 feb.)

I appreciate it tremendously.

I was of course excited to try it out at once. And after sitting on the large plate a short period of time, I felt my energy rise.

I have also tried the small Purple coloured Plate. I have put it under my pillow to find out if it can increase my dreams in anyway… It has!

I did dream quite lucid before, but now it´s even better! I am already amazed of the plate's energy!

So, many thanks again Philip, for introducing these plates in my life.

Warm regards

R.M. from DK on Feb. 6, 2009

Dear Philip Stul

I have today received your shipment of Purple coloured Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent in good order. Our first testing, sitting in a chair for an hour, gave an energizing effect to my body and a harmonising one for my wife. Next we will try the plates with the bed and see if a shielding effect can be observed with respect to distressing magnetic radiation from the ground.- - - We are pleased with your kind, speedy response and shipment of plates and your information letter.

J. from Ireland on Jan. 29, 2009

Hello Philip,

Greetings from misty, rainy Ireland :) I just wanted to say a big Thank You for delivering my plates so expediently! I already have them and I am busy as a bee putting them to work. I'm looking forward to sharing the results with you.

Warmest regards

TH from the UK on Nov. 14, 2008

Hello Philip

A very belated thank you for my order. The spiral has pride of place in our lounge and the plates tend to follow me around on my travels -; I haven't quite worked out how to get the full benefit so am still a novice here!

I very much appreciate the updates that I received from you while my order was in transit

Regards TH

C. from France on Sep. 8, 2008

Dear Philip, thank you for your excellent service and for providing such wonderful energy plates. I have lent one to a neighbour, who now wants to order her own! I have ordered extra plates so that I can give some as presents.

With thanks and best wishes. C

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C. from France

Dear Philip, thank you very much for your brilliant service! The plates arrived yesterday and they are wonderful. I am very grateful to you. Best wishes. C

S.J. from the US on June 25, 2008

I am very pleased with the product(s) and will be making another order soon. Regards, ...

D.E. from the US on June 25, 2008

Thank you, Philip, I have received my package.

I can really feel an energetic healing/more "electrical" current when I place the small one on my forehead and meditate. My clairvoyant meditation teacher who is gifted at picking up energy felt it and definitely picked up a positive energy coming off of it... My husband just thinks it looks like a funny Purple coloured Plate. I've placed one under a pitcher of water...

L.C. from the US, on Jan. 18th, 2007:

I would like to report that I slept with the Plate made according to N.Tesla's patent under my pillow and awoke refreshed and with minimal lower back pain.

I placed the small plate in my dogs bed along with his amethyst crystals usually there for his healing. His congestion left in minutes he slept sound thru the night .

In the early morning he moved around in his bed and I heard the plate land on the crystals making a pinging noise. He awoke brightly at that point and I intuited that the plate was complete for the time being and that the crystals want to be placed on the plate.

I am enjoying playing with the energy.

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Would you like to read some testimonials from South Africa?

What a Pharmacist from Johannesburg who uses the Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent in his practice had to say:


Healed Tonsillitis in a 9 year old child in 12 hours whereas conventional treatment with antibiotics and analgesics would take approximately 5 days, merely by placing a medallion on the throat area overnight.

Others ailments to which the response was excellent after only 15 minutes of utilization:

1. All headaches, especially migraines

2. Sinusitis and associated pain and congestion in the E.N.T area

3. Insect bites such as mosquitoes, bees and wasps etc

4. Burns, scalds and sunburn - helps prevent blistering

5. Itching and discomfort of Eczema - redness disappears

6. Heartburn and Nausea by placing the product on the solar plexus area

7. Fever blisters and related viral sores

8. Arthritic pains and gout related inflammation

9. Tiredness of feet if the product is worn inside socks whilst working

In all instances the relief obtained has astonished both me and the persons using the products. The Plate made according to N.Tesla's patent is obviously only a tool that enhances the free flow of energy to an area that is in dis-ease, hence further medical treatment may be needed should the condition not improve - H.C - Johannesburg


A group of students ranging from 15 to 19 years who climbed to Mount Everest base camp during December 2004 when weather conditions in the Himalayas were at their worst, had the following to say after utilizing the Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent during the expedition:

At an altitude of 4900m ASL, I started experiencing severe headaches and difficulty breathing due to the low oxygen levels. I took all kinds of medication but to no avail. A fellow climber who had a full range of Energy product made according to N.Tesla's patent with him suggested I try one. I decided it could do me no harm and in a matter of a few minutes my headache was gone and my breathing improved. I would recommend it, it's amazing! - A Kara - Johannesburg

At an altitude of 5100m ASL, on Mt Everest base camp, my breathing became very difficult. My friend offered me his Plate made according to N.Tesla's patent , which I really thought would do nothing for me. Since I was literally huffing and puffing at this point, I decided to give the medallion a try. I could not believe this, but within a few minutes my breathing as well as my heart rate became regular. I was shocked and surprised at the same time. I would definitely recommend the Tesla Energy Products to anyone I meet. - T Naik - Johannesburg

Whilst trekking through the Himalayas, I was suffering from severe back pain as a result of a slipped disc. After placing the Energy Medallion made according to N.Tesla's patent on the locus of the pain, I began to experience relief. I could literally feel streams of energy flowing through my body. - T Desar - Johannesburg

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I would not have made it to Mt Everest base camp if not for the Plate made according to N.Tesla's patent . The night before the trek started I started to develop a high fever. The group thought it would not be wise for me to climb the next day. That night I slept with the Plate under my pillow. The next morning I had no fever and was happy to join my group - P Jeena - Johannesburg

I suffer from an inner ear imbalance for which I have received medical treatment without success. While climbing to Mt Everest base camp through very treacherous terrain, I had an attack of dizziness and disorientation. I most certainly would have not been able to continue if my friend did not apply the Medallion made according to N.Tesla's patent to my ear. Shortly afterwards I regained my balance, and while continuing on the climb, the medallion seemed to increase my overall energy levels and sustained it throughout the day - E Desai - Johannesburg

When looking at the Medallion made according to N.Tesla's patent one cannot imagine how something like that could have healing properties. I had the good fortune of using the Medallion on one of the most challenging and fascinating experiences of my life. Altitude sickness was one of our main problems, but by using the Medallions and small Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent the condition was relieved almost immediately. There was very little need to take medication as the nausea, dizziness and headaches would just vanish with the use of the Tesla Energy Products. Truly Amazing!! - A Parshotam - Johannesburg

As one of the group of 22 people climbing to Mt Everest base camp and being a Pharmacy assistant, I was entrusted with the duty of carrying all the types of emergency medication. Fortunately I was introduced to the Universal Plates made according to N.Tesla's patent just days before our trip. I thought it would be a useful tool and took a whole set of products along with me. Well to everybody's amazement, the Plates worked for all different types of ailments including headaches, nausea, fever, breathing problems, ear aches, sore throat and all types of body related aches and pains. I just about brought back the entire medical kit which I took with me intact! - M Kalian - Johannesburg


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More testimonials:

I am a housekeeper in my mid fifties and have suffered from sinus related headaches for a large part of my life. After having awoken one night with a pounding headache shortly after acquiring my Purple coloured Plate made according to N.Tesla's patent , I instinctively reached for the painkillers but decide to try the Plate instead. After just 15 to 20 minutes of applying the plate to my head the pain vanished. I slept peacefully for the rest of the night; now the plate never leaves my side - C Shozi - Durban

My daughter Megan (11) has been suffering from intense migraine headaches with associated nausea, loss of balance and blurred vision for approximately 3 years. Up until now, the medical profession has been unable to do anything for her except provide analgesics for reduction of pain but even these did not really have any affect. In October 2004 things became really severe and she was experiencing up to 3 separate attacks per day.

Her schoolwork suffered accordingly and she was really depressed by the situation, pain management became of the utmost importance in her life, above everything else. In November 2004 we obtained a Purple medallion made according to N.Tesla's patent from a local distributor in the alternative healing profession, with instructions that Megan was to wear it on a chain or cord around her neck for a few hours a day initially, working up to extended periods once her energy system had adjusted to the frequencies being brought through by the Energy Medallion. At first she had her doubts but up until now (February 2005) the effects have been quite dramatic, the migraines have gone completely and she will not go anywhere without the medallion around her neck, even wearing it to school.

When asked by the teachers as to the nature of the "jewelry" she was wearing, she simply told them it was helping with her headaches and there has been no problem whatsoever - Patricia - Mulbarton

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Other examples

Good results with removing the pain and energizing with the round plates (color discs) have been made. For that purpose, the plates were applied to the acupuncture spots and wrists. In that way, the acupuncture is done in a very mild and intensive way, to achieve especially fast effect. Alcoholics: They are cured if they carry the plate continuously.


Fruit allergies: The fruit is put on the plate overnight. The allergy visibly eases after two days, and after a week, the fruit could be eaten without fear.


Metal allergies (e.g. nickel from the watch bracelets or earrings, etc.): We put the metal parts before using them, on a plate for some time. The metal allergy weakened, that is, disappeared. Old-age manifestations: When they appear, it is useful to get the energy directly across the appropriate spot on the head, across the pineal or cerebral gland. It is the central, superior managing organ for physical, spiritual and soul area. The reports of the people with the old-age depressions and the Alzheimer?s say that the harmonizing of the remaining impulses is visible. They sleep better, are no longer aggressive, and can speak coherently again. Anxiety states/depressions: Experiences say that the states have essentially improved (e.g. the fear of the dentist, etc.)


Sprained arm: One of the plates was tied to the upper arm, because of the strong pain. After a short time, the pain disappeared, and the arm was again completely functional.


Arthritis: a patient with the arthritis in the fingers felt a huge relief.


Asthma: the breathing was eased during the attack. Eczema: The plate was put on the hand for a couple of hours. The inflammation withdrew and a lot of fluid was extracted. The plate was put under the pillow over night. After six days that hand healed and only a slight redness remains.

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Electro-smog: the pressure from the electromagnetic waves (e.g. TVs, computers, microwaves, high-voltage power lines, etc.) is mostly neutralized. The energy enrichment: You can carry the plate for 1 or 2 hours or for the whole day beside your body. In some cases, it can happen that the plate must be taken off since a person can start experiencing tiredness. Textile detoxification: One plate was put on the bedclothes, which contained toxic substances, for 15 minutes. Later they tested it with the switch and it showed in the positive direction, and not in the negative.


Experience at the distance with the help of a photograph: (according to Linda Goodman): You put a photograph to the plate (front side facing down) either to improve the disrupted atmosphere/harmony between two people, or to stimulate the healing of physical or spiritual suffering. However, do not leave the photograph on the plate longer than an hour! Sciatica: the pain was eased after the sick person slept on an energetic plate and wore it during the day beside her body, while still taking prescribed medications.


A six years long knee injury: After putting the plate on it for 15 minutes, the swelling deflated, the pain disappeared, and the knee was movable again. Headache: Hold the plate by turns on your forehead and temples. After one hour, the headache disappears. Cramps: A five months old baby did not have cramps and more, and it slept better on the plate.


Stomachache: A sick person carried the plate on the painful spot. After a short time, the pain subsided. Migraine: One woman had migraine for 25 years. She put a plate near her body (in the aura area, about 20-30 cm) and the tenseness of the migraine subsided. A mosquito bite: A leg, which was swollen from a mosquito bite, was treated with the plate for one hour. The swelling and the pain disappeared. A muscle pulling: An older woman pulled her muscles while working in the garden, and she could move only with great pain. The plate was put on her spine on the side for one hour and after that, it was hung around her neck. The pain disappeared two days later. Neurodermatitis: The itching disappeared. The continuing with the ointment therapy increases the healing.


Pain in the kidneys: The plate was worn by the kidneys one day and night. It warmed up. After the application, for the first time the pain became bearable.


Pain in the ears: The plate was laid down on the ear during the night. After just one day, the pain stopped.

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Plants growth: One pot plant was treated with this plate (put in the pot). Three and a half months later it was twice as big as the one, which was not treated. The orchid, which did not have flowers for 7 years, started blooming again. Giving up smoking: The cigarettes were put on the plate for 3 minutes. They did not taste good anymore.


Lichen: They started healing right away. Cracked skin: A plate was put on a number of cracked wounds on the fingers, which were unsuccessfully treated with cortisone for years, and the wounds healed.


Insomnia: The plate was put under the pillow during the night. The result was a deep and refreshing dream. Cuts: A plate was put on a cut place, and left there standing for 20 minutes on 1 mm of the cut depth to stimulate the closing of the wound.


Success in school: A 15-year-old girl had bad marks because she could not concentrate. A day before the test the Plate made according to N.Tesla's patent was put under her pillow and during the day she carried it in the pocket of her trousers. Working effect: the highest mark.


Animal sicknesses: An 11 years old shepherd dog who had pain in his hips, got every day a bowl of drinking water which was treated with the plate, and once they hung the plate around his neck for 15 minutes. A week later, the dog was vital and lively again, his eyes shone, and it seemed that he did not feel any pain. Nausea: The plate was put on the solar plexus, and the nausea disappeared in 15 minutes.


Growths: A Plate made according to N.Tesla's patent was tied around it over the night. After three weeks, the gristly mass almost completely disappeared.


Burns: The plate was put on a burn. The pain disappeared the same moment, the bubble didn?t appear. Sprain: It was cured in three days.


Toothache: A Plate made according to N.Tesla's patent was put on that tooth for three nights. The toothache disappeared. In many cases, it disappeared on an hour or even after a few minutes.

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